Rocket Raisin Luigi

Every Person has the right to be Happy 

A Clown
& a Weenie Dog

Rocket Raisin Flower


I’m a Clown that lived many years in Italy. I love flowers  and playing the Blues Ukulele. My Name is Luigi  and I’m 100 times Italian champion in Pool Noodle MiniGolf and like to eat Spaghetti out of my watering can with Soapbubble Tomatoe Sauce. I’m working as a Doctor Medical Clown and everywhere where Love and Joy is needed. Currently I’m a Clinical Clown at LachenHilft e.V. 

Clown Luigi

Noodles are like worries you always make to much of them 

Rocket Raisin Play

Rocket Raisin

I`m a Weenie Dog Girl that didn’t like herself before. I have a wrinkly ear that looks like a Raisin. Therefore I had many stupid wrinkled thoughts about myself. But now I love myself the way I am.  Giving a Hug of Love to myself feels so weenieliscious. Try it out and give yourself the love that you deeply deserve. 

I wrote a Book for you!

to inspire you through my own story that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU ARE!

Rocket Raisin Book
I'm Beautiful - You're Beautiful


in order to purchase the Paperback Version & E-Book on Amazon just click the link above. The Book is available in English and German.

There’s only one Truth:
“You are Beautiful!”
 … all the rest is
bla, bla ,bla.

Be as gentle with yourself as if you were your own puppy.
It’s ok to be ok! You deserve it!
Rocket Raisin Love Yourself Weenielicious
Rocket Raisin High Five Yourself
Rocket Raisin Let's Play the uniqueness of your life

Watch Me & Rocket Raisin on Youtube


The perfect Clown where Love and Joy is needed. Gusto Italiano!

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